Vishu Sadhya Packet

Pre-Order For 14th April, 2024

$19.99/packet with minimum of 5 orders

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Celebrate Vishu in style with our traditional Vishu Sadhya packet! Our meal includes Kuthari Choru, Parippu, Sambhar, Thoran, Avial, Kaalan, Papad, Inji Curry, Pickle, and Payasam, all made with authentic Kerala spices and flavors. 

Our packet is priced at $19.99 each with a minimum order of 5 packets. Order now to enjoy the rich and delicious flavors of Kerala in the comfort of your own home.


Vishu is an important festival in the state of Kerala, and the Sadhya meal is an important part of the celebrations. It’s great to see that you’re offering this traditional meal to your customers.

Spices of India Kitchen is making special arrangements to bring Celebratory Sadhya to all Malayalees in the Dallas area.

You can book for any of the following dates 14 April. 2024.

The Pack comes with more than 11+ items, making this Vishu a special one for all of us as a community.

Steps to Pre-book :

  1. Fill out the form on the right.

  2. Once this form is filled out, you’ll be redirected to the payments page.

  3. On the payment page select the order quantity and proceed with the payment.

  4. That’s it, easy as this.

You can come over to our restaurant and Pick-up the Sadhya on the selected date and time.

Note: kindly mention pickup time (Either 12:00 PM or 5:00 PM)