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We will be preparing Onam Sadhya on 2nd,3rd,6th,7th,8th,9th & 10th of September and will be available for pickup.

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Looking for the best Indian food in Irving? We heard you! Spices of India is one of the most authentic Indian cuisine restaurants in Irving. We serve traditional Indian food, keeping up with, and refine recipes that are thousands of years old! Each dish comes freshly prepared from our kitchen, be it a takeaway or dine-in. Our Indian buffet in Irving is known to be among the best in Irving, based on authenticity, taste, as well as aroma!


Regardless of the occasion, our master chefs ensure that you are taken on a flavourful journey when visiting our restaurant. With special attention to detail, we can assure you that you will fall in love with the delectable flavor of Indian food. Trust us; this is going to be a real treat for your taste buds!


Our menu includes a variety of options which you can select from, according to your preference. We serve curries, vegetable options, biryani, and traditional desserts which mark the sweet ending of a delicious experience! What’s more, all our special dishes are affordable yet, extremely appetizing so you are bound to be coming back for more!

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Chicken Dishes

marinated chicken flavorfully cooked with pungent indian herbs and steamed rice cooked in a clay pot for magnetizing aroma.

Chicken Biryani





Our Best Menu

Paneer Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

Juicy pieces of boneless, yogurt marinated chicken barbequed and cooked in rich, delectable tomato gravy.


Goat Curry

Marinated pieces of juicy lamb meat cooked Indian style in tomato puree and spicy herbs.


Palak Paneer

Indian cottage cheese cocked in rich, creamy spinach puree, flavored with striking indian spices and herbs.


prawns roast-modified

Prawns Roast

Marinated prawns sauteed with vibrant indian spices and caramelized pieces of coconut, infused with tantalizing flavors


Review From Our Customer

Jacqueline Rivera
Jacqueline Rivera
I order alot through the company Wish.. they gave me my package s with no hassle at all.. little cashier was cute and friendly This is a grocery store. Not a dinning place
Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia
Ann Price
Ann Price
I love the food here at this Restaurant!! The Butter Chicken is the Best of any other Indian Restaurant in Town!! Always tasty, and fresh!! They have Excellent Service and always a please to visit. Try and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!!
Elizabeth Abraham
Elizabeth Abraham
Always love ordering from here for the beef curry and boneless fish fry (filets)! My go to place for ordering those. Also, my husband and kids really like the chicken tikka, and their dahl curry is good as well!
Alex brewer
Alex brewer
The food is DELICIOUS and the coustmer service is great. I never had a samosa before and they let me try one. It was packed with flavor and the sauce sweet and savory. I usually just get the goat Brianni but I will be getting some of the samosas next time.
David Martin
David Martin
I just tried their chicken fried rice. What a refreshing change from the normal fried rice. It has so many fresh vegetables. I recommend trying it.

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About Us

Indian food is part of one of the most prominent cultures in the world. It has been passed down generations for thousands of years and holds a very valuable part in history.

Spices of India is a celebration of Indian culture and cuisine. We believe that food flavours has the capacity to connect us. It holds a special sentimental value and should be cherished in all its glory.

Utilizing the finest ingredients to redefine centuries-old recipes, we are known to be among the best Indian restaurants in Irving! Indian food is very close to our hearts and is a symbol of tradition continuing down generations. Hence we ensure that our menu is carefully tailored to include authentic and traditional Indian dishes which are always the talk of the town!