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Fish Biryani

This 1st & 2nd December, dive into the delectable world of Fish Biryani with our Buy One, Get One Free offer for just $17.99! Share the joy with a friend or treat yourself to an extra serving. Order online with StrideQ or join us for a delightful dine-in experience at Spices of India Kitchen. Double the flavor, double the fun!


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Indian cuisine stands as a cornerstone of one of the world’s most influential cultures, carrying a legacy passed down through millennia, steeped in historical significance.
Spices of India embodies the celebration of this rich cultural tapestry and culinary heritage. We firmly believe in the unifying power of flavors, an emblem of profound sentiment deserving utmost reverence.
Crafting anew with premium ingredients, we’ve carved a reputation as a premier Irving destination for authentic Indian fare. Our commitment stems from a deep-rooted affection for Indian cuisine, a living testament to the enduring traditions of generations. Our meticulously curated menu pays homage to these time-honored dishes, perpetually the toast of the town!

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Looking for the best Indian food in Irving? We heard you! Spices of India is one of the most authentic Indian cuisine restaurants in Irving. We serve traditional Indian food, keeping up with, and refine recipes that are thousands of years old! Each dish comes freshly prepared from our kitchen, be it a takeaway or dine-in. Our Indian buffet in Irving is known to be among the best in Irving, based on authenticity, taste, as well as aroma!


Regardless of the occasion, our master chefs ensure that you are taken on a flavourful journey when visiting our restaurant. With special attention to detail, we can assure you that you will fall in love with the delectable flavor of Indian food. Trust us; this is going to be a real treat for your taste buds!


Our menu includes a variety of options which you can select from, according to your preference. We serve curries, vegetable options, biryani, and traditional desserts which mark the sweet ending of a delicious experience! What’s more, all our special dishes are affordable yet, extremely appetizing so you are bound to be coming back for more!